Do you need a dose of adrenaline?

To get rid of the bustle of cities and villages, we offer you to embark on an adrenaline adventure outside the asphalt roads, inwardly in nature. An adventure filled with climbs, forests, fields, rivers and dirt roads. To do this, we have prepared specially equipped off-road jeeps and off-road drivers to provide you with the opportunity to enjoy our nature.

We offer a walk to Mazalat peak with an off-road car on a cross-country road.
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You dream of touching some of the most gracious animal- horses – we can help you with this experience!

Horses are animals, a symbol of freedom and flight, and horseback riding these days has become a symbol of elite sport and splendor. Not everyone can afford the luxury of having their own stables, but while on holiday, you can enjoy the pleasure of riding a horse.

Is it easy to ride? – Is not! That’s why we can offer a trained instructor and learn with him. Do not be afraid of these animals, they will show you the world from high, and the feeling you will experience when the wind is in your hair and you are hearing the sound of the hooves is irreplaceable.

Close to Valevtsi village, horseback riding facilities have quiet and well-trained horses.
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Hunting and fishing

Balkan Guest Houses are located near the hunting estate of Rositsa, the area of Lagat.

That is why hunters are welcomed with us. We could assist with the organization of hunting according to your wish and judgment all year round. The area of Lagat is famous for its picturesque nature and one of the hunting lodges of Todor Zhivkov.

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Paintball – a game regularly preferred for team building events, but also suitable for all who like dynamics and adrenaline.

At our special playground you will experience battles where you can demonstrate your agility and wits, tactical thinking, leadership skills and teamwork skills. Of course, to play you need special equipment – camouflage clothing, a mask and a CO2 shotgun, which we will provide. The game has security rules that will be presented to you in pre-launch instructions, and the minimum age for play is 13 years.

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Sports Playground

На територията на Къщи за гости “Балкан” разполагаме и с многофункционално игрище подходящо за футбол, волейбол, баскетбол, тенис! То предоставя шанса да си организирате една семейна игра или да се запознаете с другите посетители на комплекса под формата на игра.

The rent is declared at the reception.

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